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The BBC’s “Breathing Places” campaign was a UK-wide scheme inspiring individuals and groups to take a proactive role in tending their community’s wild spaces. Antman’s client, the literacy charity The Reading Agency, was brought in to promote the role of libraries as the first port of call for those seeking guidance on how to get stuck in. The design and imagery of Antman’s promotional materials suggested that, for those with the motivation, enlightenment was to be found in the local library.

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Take the plunge
The Reading Agency

Many adult-emergent reads are poised on the brink of diving into reading, but unsure of where to start or find support.

Free reading
The Reading Agency

The proportion of the UK prison population with literacy issues is significantly greater than the national average…

The Reading Agency

A promotion aimed at a young, hard to reach audience offering the wider facilities on offer in libraries; specifically internet access, music, film and ‘reads’.


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