On track

Nicki Leighton-Thomas reinvigorated her career with the Abbey Road mastered album The New Enzyme Detergent Demise – written by Dory Previn. With just a few hours to hand and Dom Joly poised to take photos for the album cover – vinyl of course – Antman produced a box of ‘New!’ Enzyme Detergent.

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A writer's right PLR
Branch library BBC and The Reading Agency
Field of dreams Matt Wiessler
Film and TV Partizan, Knucklehead, Passion Pictures et al
Fur faux sake Helen Moore
Hand in glove Southcombe Gloves
On track The New Enzyme Detergent Demise
Risky business Museums, Libraries and Archives Council
Stoked Jersey Surfboard Club
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Tribal language Nkuku
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  • New Enzyme
  • New Enzyme

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Film and TV

For clients and the big agencies including Mother (London), McCann London, Knucklehead and Partizan. Art Direction, location services, crew, instant graphics...

Moving words
Public Lending Right

An Annual Report showed the significant value a mobile library service has in bringing the written word to a diverse and far-flung community.

On good form
Simon Hitchens

Assured reference for commissioners of public culture. Appropriately high production standards ensure authority and presence.


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