The Jersey Surfboard Club, the oldest in Europe, wanted to mark its 50th anniversary. Five decades of surfing stories and thousands of iconic images, including those of the legendary photographer Houillebecq, were distilled into a 250-page bestseller. Antman’s flexible design had tamed what had begun as an unruly beast of an idea.

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B.I.D Links

A writer's right PLR
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More Projects

Talking rights
Public Lending Rights

Following hard cuts, the design and production of a new publication to meet a standing requirement to provide a strong ‘voice’ for authors.

Risky business
Museums, Libraries & Archives Council

A 10 minute film focused on the extraordinary findings of the biggest government research to date into the impact of reading to very young children.

The Reading Agency

A promotion aimed at a young, hard to reach audience offering the wider facilities on offer in libraries; specifically internet access, music, film and ‘reads’.


On Location
Brand Identity Development